Yet Another Study Debunks The Teen Nicotine Epidemic
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Vape E-cigarette VaporIn a statement release from the American Vaping Association, it is stated that, “only one in five teens are using nicotine while vaping.” They took this fact from a new article in the Tobacco Control journal, it’s yet another study that contradicts a popular misconception that vaping is a gateway for teens to start smoking.


It’s widely recognized that a majority of vapers used to be smokers and are looking to quit nicotine all together, using vaping as a successful tactic. However many, including governing bodies like the FDA, are ensuring that vape products have restrictions so that teens, particularly minors, will not be exposed to unhealthy habits.


It sounds like a regulation with good intention, however completely overlooks the facts of what many researchers have concluded. This recent study alone will help any open minded person to understand that vaping isn’t as dangerous to youth as it has been made out to be. The authors surveyed 15,000 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students regarding their vaping experience. This was the first time a study has ever questioned youth about what they specifically inhaled the most recent time they vaped. The overwhelming answer was “just flavouring,” making up two thirds of the responses (more than all the other answers combined).


Although studies have deduced that teen smoking is rapidly diminishing (by 50%) and that vaping doesn’t actually encourage early nicotine exposure, the myth of a teen nicotine epidemic continues. The American Vaping Association and other partners continue to fight and expose these flaws in order to persuade government and the public. The continuation of this teen epidemic myth is only costing several people their jobs according to the AVA president Gregory Conley.


Vaping has been proven to be 95 percent safer than smoking. So if you’re looking for a safer, healthier smoking option, visit your local vape shop in Houston, TX our staff can help you with all your vape needs.