Will Vapor From An E-cigarette Harm People Around It?
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Cig VS E-cigMany in the public never seem to give up the idea that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking tobacco cigarettes. They will base their arguments on studies that find dangerous chemicals in them. There is one small problem with the studies they are basing their arguments off of: clarity.


With all of the evidence collected from the small amount of studies done on e-cigarettes, there is no strong proof to believe that they bring any real damage to anyone around it. Even the small total of studies that have found “dangerous chemicals” in the electronic cigarette vapor always seem to leave out a huge key detail…how much of those dangerous chemicals are actually in the vapor! They do not clarify if the levels found are dangerous in inhaled. Just a thought, if they found an alarming and dangerous amount then wouldn’t we have heard about it? Chances are that with all of the anti vaping activists out there, they would have made the dangers of electronic cigarette vapor very public as they always do. 


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