A Warning To E-Juice Mixers
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Woman smoking electronic cigaretteYou yourself might be someone who enjoys mixing e-juice or trying some DIY recipes. When done with extreme precaution and knowledge, there isn’t too much of a risk. However, if you are a parent, caregiver, or responsible for the health of anyone aside from your own, then you probably want to listen to the following warning.


Recently a six-year old was poisoned with DIY e-juice that was left in a medicine bottle. The young child had to be rushed to the emergency room and luckily was able to receive treatment. Although the child is fine now, this situation is one that is clearly a scary reality. In addition, situations like these don’t contribute well to the vaping community. This situation is sure to invite pushback from leaders in the anti-vaping movement.


So not only should mixers be extremely precautious for their loved ones, but also for the benefit of fellow vapers.


Here are a few methods to employ in order to increase your mixing safety:


  • Keep liquids locked and away from others. Only you should have access to the liquid. Use child-resistant locks when possible.
  • Mark your bottles! If it contains nicotine, then add an extra “POISEN” label. And don’t reuse a bottle meant for alternative purposes.
  • Talk to children about vape liquid and how it can make them sick.
  • Do your research before mixing. Don’t just start without proper knowledge.


Be careful when you’re mixing e-liquid for the safety of you and others around you. The same or worse situation can occur even if you don’t have children around.


Talk to the experts at your local New Forest vape shop if you are thinking about mixing or simply need further assistance.


Be safe if you’re going to mix for you, your loved ones, and the vaping community.