Vaping-The Facts-Basic Info About E-juice & Lab Created Liquids
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Ecig battery mod atomizer and ejuice splashOne of the main parts of a vaping device is the E-juice, also called the e-liquid. This liquid holds the flavor, and, if any the nicotine. The heated e-liquid creates the vapor that is inhaled and also creates the vapor cloud. There are wide array of different flavors and products of e-juices that are available for the vape smoker. For the highest quality liquids, use only lab created e-juices.


Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are the base ingredients used to create e-juices. These two products mixed together form a rich base. In this base product the flavorings and nicotine are added in to form the e-juice. Basic e-juices have a higher level of propylene glycol. The higher PG level combined with the VG makes a smoother liquid. There are e-juices with higher levels of vegetable glycerin. The e-juices with a higher VG create a better vapor cloud. This is great for the vape smokers going after the sub ohm cloud. For vape smokers who are either sensitive or allergic to propylene glycol, a higher VG e-juice is a good choice.


Propylene glycol used as one of the main ingredients in the base, is a clear liquid that is a type of mineral oil. PG has been found to be a safe product for use in food and household products for over fifty years. It is often found in food colorings, flavorings, soaps, cosmetics, and medicines.


Vegetable glycerin, the other base ingredient, is a liquid that is plant based. Global Healing Center reports that VG is a clear, odorless product made from plant based oils such as soy, palm, and coconut. Its consistency is much like oil or syrup. Vegetable glycerin, like propylene glycol is used in foods and household products. When VG is used in personal care items, it is required to be an USP grade substance. This means the vegetable glycerin in these products must be 99% pure. Products that contain VG include toothpastes, lotions, and shampoos.


Lab created e-juices are made by using only the best ingredients. The flavors are formed from USP food grade & FDA approved natural and artificial flavorings. The nicotine is pure, and sourced locally. The highest quality e-juices are created in premium labs. These facilities are often built by individual vaping companies. These manufacturing facilities and storage areas are made to have environments that are fully ventilated, climate & humidity controlled, and sealed from outside air. The E-liquids are created by specialists. Using only the finest ingredients for the lab created e-juices ensures a liquid with a smooth base and full flavor.


There are many flavors, and brands of e-juices to choose from. Mixing and matching the products will create personalized flavors. Using only the highest quality lab created e-juices will enhance your vaping experience. When looking into the various flavors come visit us at our Houston E-cig shop. Our experienced staff will help you choose the flavors and products that will give you the most flavorful and enjoyable vaping experiences.



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