Is Vaping To Blame For Popcorn Lung?
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vape shopMaybe you’ve heard around that vaping causes popcorn lung. But, what’s popcorn lung? And does vaping actually cause it? We’re here to figure it out.


Firstly, popcorn lung is a slang term for bronchitis obliterans (BO), also known as obliterative bronchitis. It’s most commonly caused when one inhales chemicals and they scar the bronchioles, the smallest airways within the lungs, and decrease their productivity and volume. The only current cure is a lung transplant.


It’s hard to determine whether someone has BO, especially because the symptoms can often be confused with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a common outcome for lifelong smokers. It’s a mixture of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. COPD develops slowly over years while BO develops rapidly within months.


Diacetyl is a chemical that has been linked to developing lung disease and was commonly found in microwave popcorn. Diacetyl is used in processed foods to impart a buttery or creamy flavor. Moreover, a diacetyl “cousin,” acetyl propionyl (AP) is considered to be nearly as dangerous.


So what does this all have to do with vaping? Some e-juices contain this chemical, and although it has not shown to be an imminent threat, you might want to consider picking e-juices without diacetyl or AP.


Still, smoking cigarettes will cause you to inhale more than 100 times more diacetyl than vaping any e-juice ever would. Thus, vaping is still a safe bet and a favorable alternative. Popcorn lung is difficult to pinpoint to any specific precedent. Much research still needs to be done, but what we know now will help you make better decisions for your body in the long run.


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