Preventing E-cig Germ Buildup
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Electronic cigarette e-cigaretteThe subject of cleaning maintenance for e-cigs is normally not a big topic that vapors tend to worry about. The amount of buildup of germs and viruses in e-cigs would shock most who use them. That is why the normally ignored subject needs to be addressed and regular cleaning done. The regular cleaning of the nasty buildup on e-cigs will definitely help with your health and lets be honest, is an easy solution for a disgusting problem.


Cleaning The Battery


The battery should be a major priority when cleaning an e-cig because that outer part is the part that comes in the most contact with surface top germs. Take a second and think back to what kind of places you drop or set down your e-cig at. Are you grossed out yet? One more point is that there is also the added germ exposure with letting anyone borrow or try your e-cig. Where have their hands been? Be careful to not use cleaning wipes on any OLED displays, USB connectors, or the tank connection area. Make sure to let it air dry before you vape from it again.


Germs And The Importance of a Clean Vaporizer