Latest Statistics From tThe CDC Data Shocks E-Cigarette Criticizers
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cigarette butts and electric cigarette isolated on white backgroThere has been new light shed on the battle between E-Cigarette users and their criticizers. A good amount of people thinks that e-cigarettes are a gateway drug. Criticizers fully believe that non-smokers will shift from e-cigarettes in to testing the real thing. There is also a panic because of the unknown long-term future effects of using e-cigarettes. Protestors of vapors are fighting back by pushing to get both the age and the price of e-cigarettes elevated in order to make e-cigarettes more difficult to attain.


This data surprisingly went against the criticizer’s fears about e-cigarettes. With this being the first national report of its kind, it showed that only .4% of people who had never previously attempted using tobacco before were now vapors who either vape on a regular basis or a less frequently. This information furthermore exposed that smoking cigarettes among early smokers has fallen and the use of e-cigarettes has escalated. Action on Smoking and Health also reported that the majority of continual users of e-cigarettes were young adults who previously or are currently cigarette smokers.