It’s Still An Addiction They Say
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It’s Still An Addiction They SayIt’s well known that smoking cigarettes can be a very addictive habit that is hard to break. Making the switch to an electronic cigarette can greatly reduce your nicotine intake until you are eventually nicotine free. E-cigarettes use e-liquids and cartridges that help reduce intake of nicotine. A PLOS One study found that 73 percent of those who participated who quite smoking by using e-cigarettes, also eventually quit vaping after the 52-week trial period.



Some people still enjoy smoking, but understand the hazards involved. They have now found a way that will greatly reduce their nicotine intake. There are also those of us who switched to vaping and then eventually quit nicotine all together. E-cigarettes are a fantastic alternative to the more harmful nicotine produced by regular cigarettes.



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