How E-Cigarettes Make The Difference
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Electronic and normal cigaretteThe disastrous effects that smoking can do to a body are not surprising this day and age. There has been years of research and studies all concluding that you have the potential to damage all of the organs in your body as well as drastically increase your chances to form a smoking related illness.


Out of the 40 million U.S. citizens who smoke, not all of them want to continue the habit. 70% of that number has made it clear that they do want to quit. Also, out of that 40 million, 42% of those smokers have made an attempt to quit in the past year alone. To add to that, one fifth of all smokers have tried to quit with the assistance of smokeless tobacco products.


Changes in the tobacco industry started to take place in 2010. That year, there was a raise in the federal cigarette tax as well as the e-cigarette hype rapidly growing as a alternative to smoking. These factors, combined with others, contributed to a 10% decrease in tobacco sales that year. Since being released in 2007, e-cigarette sales have hit 3 billion and continue to increase.


It is important to know the difference between regular old-fashioned cigarettes and the new-modeled e-cigarettes that sometimes can look like the original. Just because they look alike, do not assume that they are the same thing. An e-cigarette is a tobacco-free product that heats up liquid to create vapor and tobacco cigarettes burns tobacco to create smoke. Make sure that you know as much as you can about the difference between the two. It is important to know what you are putting into your body.


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