E-Cigarettes Prove to be a New Health Improvement Path
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Hand holding an electronic cigarette over a dark backgroundPrime Minister, David Cameron, began to open up about how e-cigarettes are a valid new “legitimate path” for improving the overall health of the nation.


Last week at the Prime Minister’s Question Time, Cameron shared that the fight he was going through when dealing with quitting smoking ultimately proved to be successful with the help of e-cigarettes. He feels that the government should take a harder look at the expert's reports from the Public Health England. The reason he feels so strongly about this is because the current results found that e-cigarettes were around 95% less dangerous than tobacco cigarettes.


Carson then continued by emphasizing the argument that everyone is different and for many tobacco cigarette users, success came through the use of e-cigarettes.


These results assessed that over a million people have turned to the help of e-cigarettes to help them quit cigarette smoking. Carson continued by stressing that we should be taking this way of quitting smoking much more seriously. He then concluded with the point of how this is a very valid path for the nations health.


Another big name in the Electronic Cigarette world: Tom Pruden. He is the Chief Scientific Officer at Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association. Pruden recently shared that he is pleased to see the positive benefits coming from the use of electronic cigarettes is continuing to be recognized by UK’s past and present cigarette smokers.


Pruden finally wrapped up by mentioning how sad it is to see that new European legislation will soon threaten these positive benefits we have seen.