Direct Lung Inhale (DLI): Methods and Outcomes
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Direct Lung Inhale (DLI): Methods and OutcomesHow Is A Direct Lung Inhale Done?


This method calls for you to pull the vapor and surpass your mouth straight to your lungs. This is similar to taking a deep breath or sucking the air out of a balloon. Thick vapor fills up the lungs quickly much like how a hookah would work on your lungs. This thick, long draw that fills the lungs is most commonly associated with sub-ohm vaping.


What Are The Outcomes From Direct Lung Inhaling?


DLI produces more of a powerful type of hit than the mouth to lung technique. This is often times viewed as more enjoyable to a lot of vapers but this technique could also have the potential to be overwhelming if you are not used to how strong it can be. The newfound optimal results require you to heat the e-liquid at high temperatures. You also need to draw quickly with these high temperatures to avoid a hot vape. Since the high temperatures play such a roll, the throat gets damaged faster if you do not appropriately lower the levels of PG and nicotine to match.


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