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How Do I Know If E-juices Are Safe?

These days, people are more health conscious than ever before. Down grocery aisles you’ll find people reading labels. Buying organic produce is also common. People are also concerned about the safety of e-juices. People often think that if you’re “smoking” something, it has to be unhealthy. But this is not necessarily true.   E-juices contain […]

Ecigs: What’s The Difference?

The first vapes were called e-cigs. The vape pen and the mod came later. E-cigs are the most recognizable because they look like real tobacco cigarettes. The original e-cigs consist of a battery and a cartomizer (or a cartridge and an atomizer all in one). Cartridges hold the flavor and nicotine. The atomizer vaporizes the […]

Vaping Has Less Health Risk Than Second Hand Cigarette Smoke

Vaping Has Less Health Risk Than Second Hand Cigarette Smoke Too many questions from family and friends about why you vape this holiday season? Thanks to SFATA there is a Top 10 Vapor Fact slideshow that gives you a way to present the facts about vaping. Here are a few of them: Based on published […]

How’s Your eGo Working Today?

How’s Your eGo Working Today? The eGo e-cig is an easy-to-use vape pen and a great way to start your vaping experience. This vape comes with variable battery size, voltage, and power. The eGo batteries have a 510 and eGo threading to accommodate different clearomizers and come in varying capacities: 650mAh, 900mAh, 1000mAh, 1100mAh, etc. […]


This all new Aspire Triton tank introduces a fresh and new style of adjustable airflow control that will allow the user to really dial in on their desired airflow setting. The Triton also delivers the same style of airflow adjustment at the drip tip. So no matter if you want to mouth to lung or […]