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Vapor from E-Cigarettes Is Safe For Your Lungs

Recently a study funded by British American Tobacco suggested that vapor you inhale from an e-cigarette is as safe as the air you breathe. Scientists found that cells in human lungs didn’t show any toxic effect after the study was conducted.     British American Tobacco teamed up with the MatTek Corporation to conduct the […]

Smokeless Tobacco: Is It Really Doing Damage?

Cigarettes and mouth cancer are closely related in many people’s minds. Smokeless tobacco is not as famous as cigarettes for causing serious problems. The question is: Have you even thought about if the effects of smokeless tobacco are causing harm to your body? And if so, how much damage is it causing? There has now […]

How E-Cigarettes Make The Difference

The disastrous effects that smoking can do to a body are not surprising this day and age. There has been years of research and studies all concluding that you have the potential to damage all of the organs in your body as well as drastically increase your chances to form a smoking related illness.   […]

Preventing E-cig Germ Buildup

The subject of cleaning maintenance for e-cigs is normally not a big topic that vapors tend to worry about. The amount of buildup of germs and viruses in e-cigs would shock most who use them. That is why the normally ignored subject needs to be addressed and regular cleaning done. The regular cleaning of the […]

Sub-Ohm Vaping And You

Trending today is sub-ohm vaping, and vapers want to learn more.   “Ohm’s Law” says that all electricity should never be taken lightly. First, do no harm to yourself. Practice safe vaping because an ohm is a measure of electricity.   Previous e-cigs, atomizers and cartomizers had a range of 1.5-2.8 ohms. Sub-ohm mods use […]

Positives E-Cigarettes Create Are Finally Recognized

E-Cigarette criticizers will surely be shocked by this new information that recently came into light.   There are about 1.3 billion smokers in the world to date. Unfortunately, this high number leads to about 6 million smoking related deaths per year. In the UK alone, smoking causes about 80,000 deaths per year. Adding to that […]

Safe Vaping While Traveling

Smoking has now been banned in many public areas around the country, and vaping is misunderstood by many. Public vaping will change slowly over time, but until then, if you’re traveling and want to vape, you need to know where it’s allowed. We have put together a list of cities and airports where you can […]

E-Cigarettes Prove to be a New Health Improvement Path

Prime Minister, David Cameron, began to open up about how e-cigarettes are a valid new “legitimate path” for improving the overall health of the nation.   Last week at the Prime Minister’s Question Time, Cameron shared that the fight he was going through when dealing with quitting smoking ultimately proved to be successful with the […]

Latest Statistics From tThe CDC Data Shocks E-Cigarette Criticizers

There has been new light shed on the battle between E-Cigarette users and their criticizers. A good amount of people thinks that e-cigarettes are a gateway drug. Criticizers fully believe that non-smokers will shift from e-cigarettes in to testing the real thing. There is also a panic because of the unknown long-term future effects of […]

Vaping For Newbies and Others

The maze of vaping: Atomizers versus variable mods, both very popular. Which one is right for you?   Mods can be mechanical and variable when it comes to voltage/wattage. There are three kinds of rebuidables: Genesis, bottom fed, and dripper. Most vapers prefer IMR batteries that are safer than standard rechargeable batteries.   Genesis vapes […]