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3 Ways To Increase Your Vape Production

Not all vapers are what many call “cloud chasers,” however a good amount of vapers do surrender to the appeal of bigger vape clouds. Fortunately for those who are a part of this crowd there are a few ways that you can work towards that goal. We’re going to fill you in on three of […]

A Warning To E-Juice Mixers

You yourself might be someone who enjoys mixing e-juice or trying some DIY recipes. When done with extreme precaution and knowledge, there isn’t too much of a risk. However, if you are a parent, caregiver, or responsible for the health of anyone aside from your own, then you probably want to listen to the following […]

Vaping Is Indeed Not Acting As A Gateway

There is a common misconception that anti-vapers and even the Surgeon General likes to spread about vaping and youth. The myth deals with vaping acting as a gateway to smoking or other drug use. However, there has been substantial evidence to refute these claims. In the latest Monitoring The Future Survey (MTF) from the National […]

Is Vaping To Blame For Popcorn Lung?

Maybe you’ve heard around that vaping causes popcorn lung. But, what’s popcorn lung? And does vaping actually cause it? We’re here to figure it out.   Firstly, popcorn lung is a slang term for bronchitis obliterans (BO), also known as obliterative bronchitis. It’s most commonly caused when one inhales chemicals and they scar the bronchioles, […]

Vaping 101: Should You Puff Like A Smoker Or Vaper?

If you’re new to vaping, then you probably need some advice when it comes to what the best devices to use are, best flavors, and of course best techniques for the best vaping experience. In this article we’re going to cover how you can get more nicotine out of your vaping session. Hint: it has […]

Yet Another Reason To Vape: Weight Control

One critical concern for people who quit smoking is gaining weight. In fact, this is not just paranoid thinking since the average cigarette quitter gains more than 11 pounds on average within the first year of quitting. That’s a frightening fact to some who want to ensure that they are controlling their weight for health and aesthetic […]

Flavor of the Week- Lemon Pound Cake

A delicious concoction of fluffy yellow cake with tart lemon zest, completed by a fine drizzle of vanilla icing!

How Vaping Can Save Your Life

Vaping has been under continual scrutiny from certain doctors, scientists, researchers, and government agencies even though there are contrary results from other reliable sources. Although, in a recent article written by a well-known drug scientist, David Nutt, there is renewed hope for an increase of factual information.   Nutt’s opinionated editorial was posted to The […]

Why Nicotine Replacement Therapy Is Less Successful Than Vaping

When attempting to quit smoking you can decideto go one of two routes, the options involving vaping or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Conversely, many people try NRT and fall back into their hazardous habits. That’s why it’s extensively known that quitting smoking is a very problematic task to complete after you’ve done it for so […]

Yet Another Study Debunks The Teen Nicotine Epidemic

In a statement release from the American Vaping Association, it is stated that, “only one in five teens are using nicotine while vaping.” They took this fact from a new article in the Tobacco Control journal, it’s yet another study that contradicts a popular misconception that vaping is a gateway for teens to start smoking. […]