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Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking

For the traditional cigarette smoker one of the most debated topic is whether vaping is a viable option to help with quitting smoking. According to Web MD current evidence suggests that smoking e-cigarettes may be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. One of the biggest health risks from a traditional cigarette are the toxins given off […]

Will Vapor From An E-cigarette Harm People Around It?

Many in the public never seem to give up the idea that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking tobacco cigarettes. They will base their arguments on studies that find dangerous chemicals in them. There is one small problem with the studies they are basing their arguments off of: clarity.   With all of the […]

US Senate Unanimously Approves Childproof Lids For All eLiquids

The US Senate’s Commerce Committee collectively approved a bill that requires all eLiquid lids to have childproof caps on them. This is actually a good thing for all ecigarette lovers. First (and most obvious), it protects children from getting their hands on dangerous chemicals that the eLiquids contain.   Due to a rise in poison […]

A New York Case Turns Into A Huge Victory For Electronic Cigarette Users

People who vape normally take more time defending what they do rather than celebrating and sharing the good it can do to quit smoking tobacco. Finally, the vaping community has a victory to celebrate. In a New York case called “People vs. Thomas,” a judge finally sided with the fact that electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and […]

Direct Lung Inhale (DLI): Methods and Outcomes

How Is A Direct Lung Inhale Done?   This method calls for you to pull the vapor and surpass your mouth straight to your lungs. This is similar to taking a deep breath or sucking the air out of a balloon. Thick vapor fills up the lungs quickly much like how a hookah would work […]

It’s Still An Addiction They Say

It’s well known that smoking cigarettes can be a very addictive habit that is hard to break. Making the switch to an electronic cigarette can greatly reduce your nicotine intake until you are eventually nicotine free. E-cigarettes use e-liquids and cartridges that help reduce intake of nicotine. A PLOS One study found that 73 percent […]

Vapor from E-Cigarettes Is Safe For Your Lungs

Recently a study funded by British American Tobacco suggested that vapor you inhale from an e-cigarette is as safe as the air you breathe. Scientists found that cells in human lungs didn’t show any toxic effect after the study was conducted.     British American Tobacco teamed up with the MatTek Corporation to conduct the […]

Smokeless Tobacco: Is It Really Doing Damage?

Cigarettes and mouth cancer are closely related in many people’s minds. Smokeless tobacco is not as famous as cigarettes for causing serious problems. The question is: Have you even thought about if the effects of smokeless tobacco are causing harm to your body? And if so, how much damage is it causing? There has now […]

How E-Cigarettes Make The Difference

The disastrous effects that smoking can do to a body are not surprising this day and age. There has been years of research and studies all concluding that you have the potential to damage all of the organs in your body as well as drastically increase your chances to form a smoking related illness.   […]

Preventing E-cig Germ Buildup

The subject of cleaning maintenance for e-cigs is normally not a big topic that vapors tend to worry about. The amount of buildup of germs and viruses in e-cigs would shock most who use them. That is why the normally ignored subject needs to be addressed and regular cleaning done. The regular cleaning of the […]